Retaining Ring, 2600-SW2 (10/PK)

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    Camloc 2600 / 2700 Series Retaining Rings, Retaining Washers


    Item # 2600-SW2


    • Retaining rings are used with stud lengths (-5) and greater, except for snap-in versions which do not require retaining rings. 
    • Sold Rings are used to hold stud assemblies stationary to the top panel.
    • Split Rings allow stud assemblies to move freely within the top panel.


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    Camloc® fasteners,offer the quickest operating high re-use,mechanical fastening system available. They securely lock and disengage with a simple 90° action. A standard Camloc fastener system consists of a stud and mating receptacle, the panel and frame, along with a method of retaining the stud. Stud retention might be a grommet or retaining ring,or possibly both. Some Camloc series include snap-in type studs, which do not require the use of a retaining ring, and some studs do not require retaining rings or receptacles. Camloc Receptacle types are included with each stud series. Most attach by use of rivets to the underside of the frame. Some simply snap into place from the front or rear of the frame and others are ultrasonically installed. Camloc Fastener selection consists of finding the desired stud based on strength requirements, head style, installation method and operational characteristics. A Camloc receptacle is then chosen with the selection, varying based upon the stud selected. When calculating the total material thickness, it is important to consider any paint, finishes or compressed gaskets that may be present in the joint.

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