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    3M™ High Power Brake Cleaner, 08880, 14 oz Net Wt

    3M™ High Power Brake Cleaner blasts away loose friction material, dirt, dust, brake fluid, and other contaminates from all types of brake assemblies. It's fast cleaning action quickly softens and dissolves grease and oil. Its unique chemistry has a low odor, it dries quickly, leaves no residue, and helps eliminate brake noises due to surface contamination. It contains no Chlorinated Solvents


    • Excellent brake and general purpose cleaner.
    • Quickly removes brake dust, oil, grease, tar and other contaminants.
    • Conical spray pattern covers complete brake assembly. Leaves no residue.


    Color: Clear Liquid

    Solvent: Solvent Blend

    Flash Points: - 156°F (-104°C)

    VOC Content: Less than or = 45

    Service Temperature: 50-110°F (10-43°C)

    UPC: 00 051135 08180 8


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    Manufacturer Other
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