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    3M Spray Trim Adhesive, 16.8 oz. Aerosol, 6 cans per case 

    3M™ Spray Trim Adhesive is a versatile aerosol spray adhesive use for bonding lightweight materials. 3M™ Spray Trim Adhesive builds strength rapidly to provide a fast, aggressive tack while having a long bonding range.  3M™ Spray Trim Adhesive provides low soak in on 1porous substrates that provides high coverage. 

    3M™ Spray Trim Adhesive is designed for attaching lightweight trim materials such as upholstery cloth, trunk liners and for assisting with positioning applications where mechanical fixturing will be holding the material in place.  3M™ Spray Trim Adhesive may be used to bond Styrofoam™, or polystyrene, in place.  (This product is the only trim adhesive recommended for bonding Styrofoam™).  

    Performance Properties

    Initial Shear Strength: 25 psi
    Ultimate Shear Strength: 160 psi
    Peel Strength: 15 piw
    Bonding Range:  1 Surface Bond 5 Sec. - 10 Min.2 Surface Bonds 20 Sec. – 30 Min.
    Temperature Range: - 20 to 160°FHandling and Application Informat


    Manufacturer: Other
    Manufacturer Other
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