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    This is a state-of-the-art installation tool manufactured by Skybolt.  It is a combination tool.  Two tools in one!!  For use when installing all 4002 Series Grommets, R4G Retaining Rings and 2600-LW Retaining Rings.

    Item Number: SK-T26

    Alternate Item Number:  T-26

    Alternate Item Number:  T-98

    Camloc quarter-turn fasteners are meant to be a modern replacement for the ubiquitous Dzus fasteners, being more compact, lighter and easier to install. These fasteners are commonly used to secure inspection plates, doors, windows and other removable panels on aircraft and race cars. The most desirable feature of these fasteners is that they permit quick and easy removal of access panels for inspection and servicing purposes. All 1/4-turn fasteners are turned 90º to lock them into a detent; or in reverse, to unlock them. The operation is based on a stud with a projecting cross-pin, which travels up a sloped cam against the force of a compression spring, and locks into a detent beyond the high point of the cam. The internal spring provides controlled joint preload, resulting in the even compression of the panel. Positive vibration security is provided by the locking detent. They are available in 2 load ratings: 2600/2700 series (200 lb. tension working load) and 4002 series (700 lb. tension load). They also are unique in having components usable with thicker composite panels now popular in race cars and aircraft.

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    Manufacturer Other
    Camlocs Installation Tools
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