AVEX - Low Profile Dome Head

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    AVEX AL/ST 1/8d 3/16g {SM}
    SKU: 01661-00410
    AVEX AL/ST 1/8d 5/16g {SM}
    SKU: 01661-00414
    AVEX AL/ST 1/8d 3/8g {SM}
    SKU: 01661-00416
    AVEX AL/ST 3/16d 1/4g {SM}
    SKU: 01661-00613
    AVEX AL/ST 3/16d 7/16g {SM}
    SKU: 01661-00619
    AVEX AL/ST 3/16d 1/2g {SM}
    SKU: 01661-00621
    AVEX AL/ST 3/16d 25/32g {SM}
    SKU: 01661-00631

Multi-grip blind breakstem rivets. One rivet can be used in multiple material thicknesses, reducing inventories and helping to eliminate operator error. One size handles the grip range capacity of 2-3 standard open-end rivets. Positive stem retention, complete hole fill and wide grip range. Stem is locked in shell, eliminating the risk of mandrel head vibrating loose while providing a weather resistant joint. The bulbing formation of the Avex® will fill slightly oversized or irregular holes, providing increased strength and vibration resistance. In addition to the Avex® Brand Mulit-Grip rivet, SRI also distributes a Marson® Brand Multi-Grip rivet. These Marson® Brand rivets are structurally equivalent to the Avex® Brand rivet. All Avex® and Marson® Multi-Grip Rivets in this section are constructed with an Aluminum Rivet body and a Steel Mandrel. Applications: The low-profile dome head is appropriate for most applications. However, when soft or brittle materials are fastened to a rigid backing member, the large flange head should be considered, because it offers twice the bearing. surface. Where a flush surface is required the countersunk head style should be selected.
Manufacturer: Other
Manufacturer Other
Rivet Type Dome Head
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