Clean Sheets Bondo Board Mixing Pallette, 12" X 17"

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    "The Original Auto Body Mixing Palette"


    Item # CS-200

    Mixing epoxy, fillers, fiberglass, plastics, glues and putty is made fast, inexpensive, and simple by using Clean Sheets mixing pads.

    Clean Sheets is a new non-absorbing mixing palette. It's great for mixing filler, fiberglass, plastics, gel, epoxy, putty, and even touch-up paint. Each sheet is non-porous and disposable, so when you are finished, just tear it off and the next sheet is clean and ready for use.


    Clean Sheets mixing pad received its first Patent In 1988

    Our mixing pads use a special chemical resistant paper made exclusively for Clean Sheets. When mixing filler, epoxy, fiberglass, plastics, glues, putty on our mixing board, they will not slide, causing mixing to be easier and faster. Clean Sheets paper is bonded on 3 sides to help keep the mixing surface flat and smooth.


    Our disposable mixing palette minimizes contamination in auto, boat, and aircraft body work, reducing costly re-works.


    Clean Sheets are a must for Auto Body, Boat, Aircraft, Home, and Industrial repairs.


    Our Clean Sheets mixing board pays for itself the first week you use it. Just mix, use, then peel off top sheet and you are ready to go again.

    You will never go back to cleaning old mixing boards again after using these handy disposable tear off sheets!

    Stop wasting time looking for cardboard or cleaning a plastic mixing boards, metal mixing palette or mixing pads . Start saving time and money using Clean Sheets today!

    Manufacturer: Clean Sheets Mfg.
    Manufacturer Clean Sheets Mfg.
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