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    Rage Xtreme is the world's first truly pinhole-free premium body filler. This technically-advanced, unique formula is self-leveling for easy spreading, reducing sanding time to remove heavy texture. Easily sands with 80 grit sandpaper, eliminating the need for coarse grits that can cause sand scratch swelling. Contains Evercoat ZNX-7 patented technology which quickly provides superior adhesion to galvanized steel and aluminum much sooner in the repair.

    ZNX-7 insures faster and easier sanding without risk of pulling back the featheredge and having to re-apply filler. Formulated to resist penetration of new and more aggressive HAP*-compliant solvents and waterborne coatings, Xtreme improves the quality of the finish, reducing the chance for repair mapping, comebacks and redoes. This makes Xtreme perfect for next generation basecoat/clearcoat systems. Blue cream hardener included.(*Hazardous Air Pollutants)


    Prodcut Features

    • Pinhole-Free Formula
    • Designed for use under advanced waterborne and HAPS compliant basecoat / clearcoat coatings
    • Improved talc and fillers for fast and easy sanding
    • Provides the ultimate in spreading and self-leveling


    Product Description

    Brand Evercoat
    Manufacturer Part Number 120
    Item Weight 7.3 Pounds
    Height 6.60 inches
    Length 6.50 inches
    Width 7.30 inches

    Manufacturer: Fiberglass Evercoat
    Manufacturer Fiberglass Evercoat
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