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    Product Description

    Rock 'n Roll is a high performance metal-free Anti-Seize lubricant on a ceramic basis. It is especially used where extreme temperatures (up to 1,400º C) occur. It prevents seizing of bolts and nuts and provides long-term corrosion protection and makes disassembly easy. It is also especially well suited for stainless steel.

    • Free of heavy metals such as nickel, lead or copper
    • It contains no sulphurous additives and is free of halogens
    • The product is economical to use, effective in a small amount
    • High resistance to water, seawater, benzene, as well as to most acids and alkalis
    • Good separating and sealing effect
    • CFIA approved for use in food plants

    Provides long-term corrosion protection. Helps to avoid the seizure of threaded components. No galling or seizing. Performs under extreme high temperatures, up to 2500ºF. Great for restoring damaged threads. Use under wet conditions. Safe to use on all types of metals.


    Product Applications

    Rock'n Roll is applicable in industries and workshops of maintenance and assembling. It is used under extreme conditions, e.g. high temperature, high pressure as well as for the lubrication of highly stressed bearings.

    • All threaded components, bushings, press fits
    • Particularly recommended for stainless steel and nickel plated components
    • High temperature, high pressure applications
    • Chemical plants, power plants, refineries, foundries, automotive

    Manufacturer: J. Walter
    Manufacturer J. Walter
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