Aluminum / Steel - 1/8" Diameter

    Product Name Price Qty  
    MARSON RIVET AL/ST CTS 1/8d 3/16g
    SKU: AC4-3
    MARSON RIVET AL/ST CTS 1/8d 1/4g
    SKU: AC4-4
    MARSON RIVET AL/ST CTS 1/8d 3/8g
    SKU: AC4-6

Open-end rivets, when set, resemble conventional tubular rivets. However unlike tubular rivets, the mandrel head is retained within the body of the open-end rivet. Providing strong, low cost fastenings, open-end rivets are ideal for a wide variety of applications. They are available in a wide variety of materials and combinations with dome, countersunk, or large-flange head styles. A universally accepted range of rivets suitable for most industrial riveting applications where the materials to be fastened do not have high load bearing requirements.
Manufacturer: Other
Manufacturer Other
Marson Aluminum / Steel
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