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    Klik Rivet-Nuts can be used in a wide range of applications and are designed to provide a very efficient and cost-effective method of placing permanent threads in thin materials. Installed from one side, Klik Rivet-Nuts are perfect for use in metal, fiberglass and rigid plastic previously too thin for tapped threads. Klik Rivet-Nuts provide a neat appearance and once in place, the internal threads are ready for a screw or bolt. Additional features of the ribbed rivet-nut include: Increased torque strength over conventional style, 360º knurled expansion after setting, vibration resistance and large flanged head which increases push out strength. After installation rivet nuts provide permanent, captive threads that do not allow loosening under vibration and will not rotate when attached to the mating material. Riv nuts with large diameter heads can be used in soft materials which inherently offer little, if any thread strength.
    Manufacturer: Marson
    Manufacturer Marson
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