3M Tape 9495LE, 18" x 60yd

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3M™ Double Coated Tape 9495LE

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3M™ Double Coated Tape 9495LE with 3M™ Laminating Adhesive 300LSE provides high bond strength to most surfaces, including many low surface energy plastics such as polypropylene and powder coated paints.

Features and Benefits
  • High bonding strength to LSE plastics
  • Film carrier adding dimensional stability to foams and other substrates
  • Film carrier makes for easy handling during slitting and die-cutting
  • Product Attributes

    Application Battery Bonding, Battery Door Attachment, Bezel Bonding, Camera Module Assembly, Case Assembly, Cover Lens Bonding, Display Bonding, Electrical Insulation Bonding, Electronic Component Bonding, Logo Bonding, Low Surface Energy Bonding, Memory Card Bonding, Module Bonding to PET Card, Rubber Feet Bonding, Speaker Module Assembly, Touch Panel Bonding, Touchpad Assembly, Touchpad Bracket Assembly
    Application Category Bonding
    Backside Adhesive Thickness 3.4 mil
    Backside Adhesive Thickness (metric) 0.086 mm
    Backside Adhesive Type 300LSE Acrylic, LSE Acrylic
    Carrier Color Clear
    Carrier Material Polyester
    Carrier Thickness 0.50 mil
    Carrier Thickness (metric) 0.013 mm
    Faceside Adhesive Thickness 2.8 mil
    Faceside Adhesive Thickness (metric) 0.071 mm
    Faceside Adhesive Type 300LSE Acrylic, LSE Acrylic
    Liner Color Tan with 3M 300LSE Print
    Liner Thickness 4.2 Milli-inch (mil)
    Liner Thickness (metric) 0.11 mm
    Liner Type Polycoated Kraft
    Operating Temperature Range (Celsius) Long Term (Days-Weeks) 93 Degrees C
    Operating Temperature Range (Celsius) Short Term (Minutes-Hours) 149 Degrees C
    Product Series 9495LE
    Substrate Glass, HSE Plastics, LSE Plastics, Metals
    Total Tape Thickness without Liner 6.7 mil
    Total Tape Thickness without Liner (metric) 0.17 mm

    Manufacturer: Other
    Manufacturer Other
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